Why You Should Be Learning With Treehouse
Nicole Archambault

I came across Treehouse while freelancing as one of my client told me. I have to say, having used lynda.com where I did pick good stuff but always PHP and JavaScript was hard as there PHP teacher was too good for a starter. I gave Treehouse a go and ever since hooked to it. Although I have to say Andrew C. Is really fast and most of his courses go above head and Dave M. isn’t too much in-depth but Guil H is amazing and so are others. All in all, It is a good place. I have a PluralSight membership too, where I mix and match from Treehouse and PuralSight but as for CSS / PHP is concerned, Treehouse got best. I love their a way of retiring content, that shows how important curriculum is to them. I even tried TechDegree and yes it does have an excellent curriculum to it. I was able to polish my skills, I gave up on TechDegree as it was too expensive for me. I hope lavieencode can get me 50% off TechDegree? :)

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