In my daily digest, medium always suggests me to read articles such as “I woke up every day at 4 am for two weeks, and this is what happened”, or “I ate papaya for one week, and this is what happened,” and so on. Finally, it’s my turn to write my version of “this is what happened.”

In this case, I’m talking about all my free time, for several days, spent working hard on one of the most ridiculous achievements of my life: dissecting, understanding, and rewriting the old 1978 Super StarTrek videogame.

If you don’t know what I’m talking…

I love old computers and old computer games, and I love to read everything I find about both of them. Last summer I decided to write this quite lengthy article, my personal history of computer gaming. For sure I’m not the first one, and I won’t be the last one, but this is my contribution. I hope you will enjoy it. This first part covers the early years of the 8-bit era, from 1977 to 1982.

If you own a computer today, it’s either a PC or a Mac. Instead, not too many years ago, the world was full of…

Originally published on my personal blog,

In 1994 MicroProse released a turn-based strategy game called Sid Meier’s Colonization, a spin-off of one of the most popular strategy games ever created: Sid Meier’s Civilization. Despite the title, the game was mostly designed by the lead developer, Brian Reynolds, a talented (but almost unknown at the time) programmer that joined MicroProse in 1991. He didn’t have much experience regarding game design, but he was the one having the idea of the spin-off. He started working on it as a spare-time project until MicroProse officially approved the plan. …

History is written by the winners, the personal computer is no exception

In 1980 Steve Jobs gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal claiming: When we invented the personal computer, we created a new kind of bicycle”. In the box placed in the middle of the title you can read: “Steve Jobs invented the first personal computer in 1976 with his partner Steve Wozniak”. If you are interested, you can find the full text here.

We started using this methodology four months ago. How did it go?

Last September, my team and I decided to test a new methodology called Dual Track Agile for the development of our product (a simple mobile game). The main principles of the methodology are listed in this post. After four months, I thought it would be nice to tell you about this experience, how we applied it, what worked, and what didn’t work for us.


The scenario was not ideal because we were trying to adopt this technique for mobile application development. One of the principles of the Dual…

I wrote this article almost four years ago, and since then, I received many messages and comments. Several product managers found this simple list very useful for their work. Other readers thanked me for having introduced them to new concepts such as OKR or story maps. Others told me they printed it and attached it to the wall. Wow! So, that’s why I finally decided to refine it a bit, correct some typos, and improve the readability. I hope you will like it.

Last July, I had the chance to follow a two days training called “How to Create Products…

Random funny things learned in 9 days spent in this wonderful city

Intro: I live in Italy and I travel quite a lot, both for business and personal reasons but mostly in Europe. I have been in San Francisco 3 times, but only in my last trip I really had the chance to live the city, meet people and have fun. It was an amazing experience, I liked it so much, so I decided to write this post with a few things that I discovered. Don’t take it too seriously, if you live in SF and you don’t agree, please leave a comment, I’d like to read your opinion.

So here’s the…

A excerpt from the “Definitive App Economics Blog” by Tomi Ahonen

This is a recap of a very interesting (and very long) post I found in the Definitive App Economics Blog. We all know the app business is difficult, but the numbers are really dramatic.

The main fact: 96% of the developers lose money. Let’s start with the overall numbers:

Developer revenue . . 15.8 billion dollars [TomiAhonen Consulting]
Total apps . . . . . . . . . 3 million [TomiAhonen Consulting]
Total downloads . . . . 102 billion [Gartner]
Total smartphones . . .1.4 billion…

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