Tawergha refugees gathered in front of a camp fire — Tripoli © Jawashi T.

An explicit image, a drowned migrant washed off on the Libyan seashore — Mohamed Ben Khalifa Photography

I like to think of this image as Libya’s tumultuous path from fire and mayhem (right) to democracy and Libyans standing together (left) (credits: British Journal of Photography)

Marketing, terrorism, and Libya. How do they relate?

So, what do you know about diamonds?

2011’s checkmate revealed a Hydra-like Libya. By chopping off the head, several others grew.

Man plays with ball while stadium burns (Tripoli, 2011). Perhaps a bittersweet reminder of Libyan cities played with Libya slowly turns to ashes.

Emad Badi

Libyan / Non-Resident Scholar @MiddleEastInst / Peacebuilder / Occasional Writer

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