The Art of Departure
kestrin pantera: KP2

I’m crying and fascinated by reading your post. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing, emotions-twisting story.

Oddly enough, I knew about the new California Law a couple of months ago from a Doctor at Toastmaster. And to make it even more Odd, I didn’t know what ALS until 6 months ago when I joined Toastmasters. There, was a long time member called Jeff, who has ALS. Jeff would stand-up at the podium with his iPad, and he would let the iPad read what he wrote. Sometimes Jeff was the Jokemaster, or sharing an idea, or giving a short speech. I was in awe. I was naive and stupid. I didn’t understand his suffering at that time.

Jeff’s condition got much worse and he couldn’t keep showing up to the meetings. Jeff loved being part of the group.

I just knew that Jeff passed away two weeks ago. Even though I didn’t really know him, I felt deep sorrow and sadness crawling into me…