A few weeks ago I was working on one of our services and I found out the pipeline which is running the tests and building the application is taking around 20 minutes. It was bugging me that it was taking so long to finish the job, so I decided to improve it. Here is the story of how I decreased ~20 minutes of build time to around ~8 minutes. You can find a summary of the steps I’ve taken at the end of the article.

First I started running the tests in IntelliJ to look at each test’s running duration…

In this post I will write about how to run API documentation on Kubernetes using Slate and nginx. What I am not going to explain is how to use Slate to generate API docs. The focus will be on how to generate a proper nginx image that Kubernetes deployment can utilise. Since nginx is a lightweight web server, the documentation webpage will be super quick and performant.

As you might already know, Slate is used to convert markdown .md files into html, which makes it more readable.

So let’s start.

When Slate is cloned/forked from here, its Dockerfile looks like…

Emad Nikkhouy

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