Boot Camp Experience So far. Part 2.

Its day 2 of the home learning. I have 3 categories of task to attend to. To solve these tasks, I have to prepare. Every flat mate of mine knows am in a challenge. Reason remains my long hours of interacting with laptop. If am not operating the computer then am sleeping. Everyone has a question for me; e.g. when will you finish, how tasks to go? They want to know why and what am up to. My back aches, long hours of sitting the cause, my eyes are strained, ‘little sleep’ the cause. I am really stressed, indeed the path to Andela fellowship is a challenging one. My desire and the knowledge I have gleaned this few days is unquantifiable.

I know I have increase my capacity all round. The tasks for day 2 were demanding. I have two coding challenge to solve in 2 hours and I spent more than an hour trying to make the first pass all the 11 tests that has being written for it. Basically today I learnt more on using node.js and different modules already developed on it with which I was able to communicate with another web application. The activities of this day taught me never to allow the short comings encountered in a task hinder my optimum performance in the next.

The things I learnt today being HTTP and Web really exposed me to how web browsers performs their task of requesting for a web page and displaying the content for users to see. I ended up creating a Command line App that accesses a secure page online and copies out the html code into another file, Its more like a cloning App though it copies only the HTML, It was interesting seeing it duplicate the page into the directory.

There is no limit to what a man can learn and do once he is motivated and can pull himself up even when discouraged.