T.L.O.E(The Life of Elijah)

Hello, my name is Elijah Mahan. Ive always played sports and live for adrenaline rushes. In football I play receiver and defensive back.I also play rugby and I play inside/outside center. I was born in Colorado and live in Florida and Tennessee also. My job is running a website were I resell limited sneakers and clothing. Im extremely into music and go to concerts very frequently. Ive met a handful of artist like Snoop dog and Vic Mensa. I love to travel, my favorite places are Vegas, California, and Colorado. My favorite current rapper is Travis Scott because he has a lot of the same role models as me like Kid Cudi.

This song was a song that made Travis Scott big and how successful he is now. It pumps me up for sports and business. Travis is extremely successfull in fashion, music, and producing. His success helps inspire me.

Im playing football on friday nights, here Im running the ball against Heresy.

Easy Otabor part owner and manager of RSVP Gallery in Chicago, he also manages Travis Scotts merchandise. He inspires me to heep pushing myself in business
Travis Scott who is a artist. He produces music, raps, and makes clothing as well as many other things. His lyrics inspire me in football, school, and business.
Bo Jackson was one of the most incredible athletes to play. He was a multi-sport player and inspires me to go hard and train hard in my sports
My dream is to make a lot of money through business and sales.
America is a country that offer freedom
America is a beautiful country with awesome places to go
America offers opportunity to get a job and pursue what us as Americans want do.
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