Damn Right Amazon Runs a Fucking Deficit and So Should America
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Holly, sweetheart, it’s time to put down the Adderall/coke/crack pipe or whatever else is whacking you out. Absolutely nothing you wrote is true, and my 8 year old nephew has a better understanding of how to research the facts prior to spitting out whatever comes to mind like a chimp at the zoo. Literally two minutes of research makes you look like a rambling fool.

Google: Has $60 Billion in the bank (cash), and showed a profit of $14 Billion last year.

Twitter: They wish they could show a profit. Twitter can’t figure out how to generate revenue from ads without alienating their users. If you look at their year-over-year performance for the past five years they have made great strides in getting to breakeven. It has nothing to do with R&D spending breaking the bank. Simply put, Twitter can’t figure out how to generate enough revenue.

Amazon: Generated $89 Billion in revenue, and only $9 Billion in research expenses (10%). They have shrinking margins in their core business, and to remain a giant in the future need to diversify their revenue sources today. Their list of failed R&D investments is a country mile long, and 99% of their revenue still comes from the core business. I highly doubt Amazon has tried to fail at the vast majority of the R&D projects. If they were good at R&D (innovation) they would be showing more profit than Google. Unfortunately, like most monster corporations they suck at innovating. They should take a page out of Google and Microsoft’s playbook, and just acquire other companies that exceled at innovation.

Next time you want to write down random thoughts try and do at least five minutes of research first. It will spare you from being compared to an animal at the zoo.

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