Email Appending — For Marketers Who Think Long Term

Taking database marketing to the next level, some data driven marketing companies have expanded their services from selling marketing database to appending, cleansing and verifying the existing database of their clients.

In email appending, they offer to match the existing database of their customers with their master database and delete all duplicate, wrong or outdated data and update those spaces with latest information. With most marketing gurus talking and writing in favor of businesses building their own databases, more and more businesses are choosing email append services, with a renewed interest to target the leads they have collected during years of being in the business.

Email Appending

A basic benefit of email appending is safeguarding yourself against poor sender reputation. Nobody wants their business to feature in Google search results, only to find angry recipients complaining about receiving unsolicited mails from them. This is the reason why even bought email lists should be mailed with an opt-in option. Appending your existing database to renew communication with old contacts often means, you reach people who already know your brand, even if only vaguely. Even then, ensure you comply with the anti-spam laws, to be on the safer side.

In this age of steep competition, when consumers are spoilt with choices, chances are slim that leads will convert into sales in the first attempt. People like to get into business with brands they are familiar with. While the first attempt may have worked towards making people know that you exist and offer the services that you offer, consistent and well planned communication over a period of time, what in other terms we call ‘lead nurturing,’ maybe the way to go for converting more leads into customers. Given the time, money and effort marketers spend in generating leads, services like email appending may prove a prized approach, to renewing contact with leads collected in old campaigns, that might have otherwise been lost.

After lead generation, the other strategy that adds long term value to not just your marketing but the brand is customer loyalty. As Bill Gates famously said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” A loyal customer can not only offer highly valuable feedback, she also acts as the more authentic version of a brand ambassador. It also costs lesser to serve a loyal customer. How? The second or third time along, they do not need as much after sales support, especially with often complex b2b services, that a first time customer requires. They buy more often and once someone starts favouring a brand over and above the others, they don’t get into the nitty gritty of comparing your products or price with the various other products being sold in the market.

When you think in this light, it becomes all the more clear how important it can be for you, to renew communication with the existing customer base that you have built over the years, if only data appending can get you access to the contact details of the customers whose phone numbers or addresses have changed or you have missed out recording on past occasions.

Though the term says ‘email appending,’ the service usually goes on to include appending any contact data, be it physical address, phone numbers or latest social media contact details.

When you have an accurate and updated database to target your campaign to, it can largely improve your returns on investment. It improves customer service, making it easier for you to get in touch with old customers to inquire how their last experience of buying from you was. And when more people you target know you, they do not press the delete button instantly, increasing your click through rates, turning leads into customers and customers into repeat customers become a lot more easier!