This is how AVIS rolls. They start by wasting your time on pick-up, then charge you a late fee when it’s early, and ultimately blame you for everything.

After calling them out on Twitter I got a message to reach out personally. I thought, great maybe I’ll actually get an answer for how terrible my experience was. I was wrong and here’s how it went down.

My email to socialinfo@avis.com

I was advised via Twitter to follow-up on an issue I had with your Philadelphia airport location.
We experienced the following:
One hour wait to pick up my vehicle, making me late for the wedding I was attending that day.
2. Refusal to refund the taxes from an error made by Avis
Refusal to refund the energy recovery fee from an error made by Avis
Custom service rep hung up on my
I dropped off our rental at 9:53pm according to receipt. Which is 7 minutes before our scheduled return time and it still included a late fee.
The issue I have with this is the late fee is the energy fee and the taxes which cannot be refunded.
I’m not at fault on this error and I’m literally paying for it. No matter the amount, whether it’s $2 or $100, this is unacceptable.
Let’s assume that if this happens just a few times per night across your many locations. Most people don’t notice or care to bring it up. This ultimately adds up to thousands in collected fees for nothing.
It’s unethical and if true, I would assume to be grounds for a class action lawsuit.
My ask is to have this resolved with a full refund and compensations of my next rental.
Rental Agreement Number: 456718393
Thank you.

Their kind-of reply

Avis Case: 17895751
Reservation: 48796789US6
Rental Agreement: 456718393
Dear Mr. Olson,
Thank you for taking the time to contact Avis.
We appreciate when customers let us know when things are not right. I
apologize for the excessive wait time you encountered at the
Philadelphia Airport on August 21st.
Avis prides itself on prompt, attentive service, and we very much
appreciate your business. We deeply regret the unexpected delays you
faced, and are extremely disappointed that we fell short of your
expectations. Be assured that your report has been properly documented
and the necessary steps have been taken to aid in the prevention of any
future occurrence.
Further reviewing your case, I show that you have spoken to an agent who
removed the late fee however, not all the taxes and fees. I have issued
an additional credit of $2.41 has been applied to your American Express
credit card. Unfortunately, I do not find a full refund is warranted.
At Avis, we endeavor to deliver a safe, dependable, hassle-free rental.
We appreciate your feedback as it helps us to achieve and maintain our
usual high service levels.
We know you have many options when it comes your car rental and we thank
you for choosing Avis.
Kind Regards,
Jennifer Kirby
Social Media Representative
Avis Rent A Car System, LLC

Wait.. what?! “Unfortunately, I do not find a full refund is warranted.

Somehow AVIS customers can get charged a late fee for returning a vehicle early.. and not be entitled to a full refund based on that mistake?

This is by far one of the worst custom service experiences I’ve had and would bet this is their MO.

Avoid, AVIS!

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