7 digital marketing trends - 2016.

Email marketing grows rapidly, under the circumstances of new user preferences. In order to develop a successful marketing strategy, company needs to compensate with the latest trends. Meanwhile, if the business doesn’t take along new strategies then the demands of the email marketing will be interpreted.

These trends will access to the next level of online marketing in 2016.

Email marketing has proven the finest deliver reports on businesses in terms of marketing database campaigns. With a quality lead the database list will access to the growth of open and click through rates. Certainly the email marketing database progress to the lead of marketing strategies which immensely increases the rate of interests.

More video ads.
Video ads aren’t new, but this would bring out a new domination in the current trend of email marketing. Various social networks have offered video options to the advertisers. Moreover search engine optimization optimizes videos that include content based on the search engine algorithm. This certainly access towards the next step of online video ads and the reason is because the businesses and campaigns are discovering their effectiveness content on a preferment of videos and users accepts its existence.

Occurrence of applications.
As Google changed its algorithm to mobile websites, certainly indexed apps are accessed as a factor of search rankings. Most of the campaigns and business marketers progress apps because these are more responsive to potential users and convenient to them. 1n 2016, businesses will own an app for their essential schedule.

New optimization strategies.
Most online strategies were dependent on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC) advertising and now, new digital assistants such as siri, cortana are optimized to all relevancy of user’s solution and this enhances further audio content which attains user’s requirement under the bases of marketing strategies.

Virtual devices.
Tools like oculus rift and VR devices will access entirely in a new form of online advertising that connects social networks, email marketing platforms, video channels and direct messaging. These devices would be more helpful for the businesses to flatter among most of the users.

Wearable technology.
Wearable technology such as smartphone watches will have a large impact on marketing strategies. These devices are easy to enfold by the user to achieve any access from the regarding email database campaigns. It also requires the online marketers to create a content that is easily searchable by the subscribers via voice commands.

Increased advertising investment.
Moreover, online marketing has grown more competitive among most of the companies. Investment on digital marketing has been immersing day by day. In this trend of 2016, our suggestion is to access the campaigns by online marketing which Is cost effective and can increase the leads further to the email database list.