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May 9 · 3 min read

Fix Problems Sending AOL Email:

AOL mail is a service offered by AOL to its users. It is a free email service & anybody can make a free account. By being a user of AOL mail, you will be able to access & enjoy all its unbelievable features and advantages. It is very secure and trustworthy email service provider & millions of people enjoy it. But no matter how remarkable this email is, there seem to be certain faults that make it unsuitable to users at a certain point of time. One of the problems that AOL email users face is the trouble of sending emails through AOL. The particular problem is general in every email service provider. But the steps required to fix it in AOL email is somewhat different from the rest. Thus if you want to know how to fix problems sending AOL mail, you can be in touch with AOL Customer Service Number & get the suitable solutions.

Whenever you have certain problems while sending emails in AOL email, you are required to perform certain troubleshooting steps that will let you correct the error instantly. Listed below are some points that you can try on your own, before contacting the customer care.

Restart the System:

This step has been proved to be very important while handling this problem. Occasionally, when you haven’t shut down your PC or laptop in a while, the internal memory, the RAM gets too stuffy with all the added MBs of needless files. Thus you need to restart your computer very often to release the memory and to provide more space.

Try to use a different browser or update the existing browser:

Whenever you are having problems sending AOL emails, try to use a different browser after closing the current one to open the emails. Or you should update the version of your browser since new and updated browser provide extra advantages like added security, faster page loading, & private browsing, etc.

If you have a mix of AOL names in your display name, you will have difficulty sending emails. Thus you will have to update your AOL mail settings by going to your account and clicking the ‘options’ menu & choosing ‘mail settings’.

Clean out the browser cache & disable pop-up blocking software:

Perform a clean reset of your browser by cleaning out the entire caches to remove unnecessary cookies or bits of information. This will let it form quicker. Also, disable any software that disallows pop-ups or you can add AOL mail to its ‘exception’ or ‘whitelist’.

By performing the above-mentioned steps you will be able to resolve the issue of sending AOL emails. If it doesn’t, you can also get in touch with AOL Customer Service Number to get the support of technical experts to help you solve the issue instantly whenever need. Don’t hesitate to dial us at any time of the clock, we are accessible round the clock to assist you with step by step instructions whenever need.

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