Email-Oldest Most Trusted Source Of Client Engagement —

Email-Oldest And The Most Trusted Source Of Client Engagement

there are many resources which companies can utilize to keep the client engaged with recent updates and new offers but still the best way to establish a communication without any barriers is Email

Email Marketing

With the presence of steep competition at the global level there is always an urgency to keep the clients engage in one way or the other as he/she can very easily be distracted with the presence of so many alternatives. Businesses today cannot afford to lose clients as it directly impact their reputation and most importantly their revenue. Though there are many resources which companies can utilize to keep the client engaged with recent updates and new offers but still the best way to establish a communication without any barriers is Email.

Many will contradict with this statement but there are facts that prove it true to a very large extent.

As per online marketing gurus, researchers and user preference analytics there are evident facts that clearly indicate the following:

•About 95% online customers have an email account
•Email is still the preferred mode of 77% of people to receive promotional content
•About 66% of the Emails are opened via mobile devices
•The return of email marketing investment of $1 yields $44.25

There are many validated facts like these that describe email as the best way to interact with clients without taking much of their time despite the presence of so many popular social media platforms like facebook and twitter. Though emails are not as shiny as social media but if you compare Email as marketing tool and ROI then it is by far the most successful mode of affecting the bottom line and in fact growing your business.

This is the reason that businesses today not only use free Email service providers but also opt for paid Email services as they offer many additional features which the general free Email service providers like Gmail or Yahoo-mail doesn’t have. Today there is Email marketing software that assists businesses to focus on their core like new client acquisition and increase in ongoing sales.

The biggest advantage of opting for paid Email service is that there is nothing to download or install as all you need to do is to login via a web-based software account. This provides you the freedom to access Email from anywhere and send message and monitor the entire campaign on the go.

Some additional features that come along with paid Email marketing software are as follows:

•Free Installation/ No Setup Fees
•No Contracts or Paperwork
•You Can Deactivate Account Anytime
•Upgrade/downgrade Package Anytime
•User Friendly Navigation
•24X7 Technical Assistance
•Setup Unlimited Marketing Campaigns
•Complete Analytics, Statistics and Reporting
•Mobile Friendly Web-based Email Marketing Software
•Shuffle between IPs and Domains for hassle free Delivery

Another great aspect of the Email marketing software is that its price tag is nothing in comparison to the Email marketing campaign you will be running and the return that would be generated from new client acquisition and old client engagement. In all the investment is by far the most beneficial if you look it from business expansion point of view. Emails were and Emails are the most sophisticated way of getting in touch with the clients and will remain to be the best for many years to come.

Here are some reasons that support this theory:

  1. Penetration: Almost 95% of people who surf online have an email account and there are more than 3.2 billion Email accounts that are more than the reach of any other social media platform like Facebook and Twitter combined together.
  2. Reach: If we compare social media with Email than the concept of reach is completely different. In social media the reach is count as either number of followers or views whereas Email is counted as response. Email’s reach is almost 80% more than social media and reaches the potential client directly. He/she then have the option either to read it or not.
  3. Lifespan: Email doesn’t die like a tweet (whose popularity can be predicted within the first 5 minutes) or a facebook post. Therefore Email needs to be killed, it requires action to end its life otherwise it will be waiting in the inbox to be acknowledged.

Though social media platforms have become huge in terms of revenue generation and popularity but Email is still the preferred choice of businesses as well as individuals to establish a communication with potential clients. Looking at the current scenario the future of Email is still very demanding and never seems to be ending in the near future soon.

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