10 Steps to an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing isn’t dead! In fact, as per a research by Marketing Land, 77% of users prefer to receive permission-based marketing messages via emails. Hence, if you own a business, you should make the most of email marketing by running effective email campaigns.

Monks bring to you ten simple steps that your business needs to follow for a successful email campaign:

1. Organic email list building

You need to build the email list organically for getting better open rates and click-through rates. Purchased or borrowed lists are generally fake and there are chances that your emails get deleted or considered as spam.

2. Segmenting the subscribers

Study the users’ interests, likes and dislikes, age, gender and topography before sending emails. Segment the users and send relevant content to them to increase engagement.

3. Writing effective subject lines

The subject line is the first thing that the user notices and hence it is the most important element of your email campaign. About 35% users open emails on the basis of the subject line alone. Make the subject line of the email catchy and persuasive.

4. Including only relevant content

It is necessary that you send only relevant content to the subscribers based on their likes, dislikes and past purchases. The copy of your email reflects your brand image and loyalty and hence you should invest more time and money on creating a relevant copy.

5. Effective design and layout

The design, colors, layout and fonts of the email is what grabs the attention of the viewer. You need to keep the design simple yet effective and maintain the ideal text-to-image ration of 80:20. Use design elements to highlight the key elements of the email where you need the user to focus.

6. Sending personalized emails

Research shows that open rates of emails with personalization was 18.8% as compared to 13.1% without personalization. Sending personalized emails results in a deeper and meaningful connection with the subscribers.

7. Testing emails

Make sure to test your emails before sending them. Carry out A/B testing by trying different combinations of design, copy, subject line, CTA and time of sending to determine which one works best.

8. Social sharing buttons

Including social sharing buttons in your email is a must to allow the users to engage with your emails and share them.

9. Unsubscribe and Contact Us tab

Include the contact us section with company details and contact details. Also, the unsubscribe button is a crucial part of your email and it is mandatory to include it according to the CAN-SPAM act of 2013.

10. Monitor email metrics

Study the effectiveness and results of your email marketing campaign by monitoring the open rate, click-through rate and conversion rate of your emails.

Plan and execute your email marketing campaign well by following these steps. For more, read Checklist: Successful Email Marketing Campaign!

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