80:20 — The New Ideal Text:Image Ratio for your Emails

It’s important to maintain a good text: image ratio in your emails. You’ve heard it numerous times. But what exactly is ‘good’? Our friends at Mailchimp have suggested an 80: 20 ratio. So you need to have 80% text and 20% images in your campaign. Although all spam filters have different criteria, this seems to be a safe bet.

Why is it so important?

Most email clients block images by default. Take a look at this email from RueLaLa.

If a subscriber is using one of the email clients that do not display images automatically, they will be seeing something like this:

The subscriber needs to enable images to view your email.

1. Spam filters detest image heavy or image only emails. So if your email design does not have a good text: image ratio, you are at risk of landing in the spam folder.

Practices to swear by:

· Maintain a good balance of text and images in your email.

· There should be enough text in the email body to inform subscriber about the purpose of the email; if an email client has images turned off, you will still convey your message.

· Descriptive alt text also plays an important role, if images are turned off.

· It’s a great idea to test your email first in different clients to make sure how it appears.

· Also test different text: image ratios to get the exact ratio that would work for your business.

How do you implement text-image ratio for your email campaigns? We’d love to hear from you.