Imagine you’re on a job hunting spree, and you end up applying for a job in your current company on a job portal. The only thought after this blunder in your mind would be “uh-oh… Besides focusing on the job responsibilities, I should have noticed the name of the employer too”. Well, at the end of the day, it’s a human error and you have to deal with it appropriately.

Well, Email Marketing is no less when it comes to human error. You may plan a fool-proof email campaign by setting the campaign goals — predicting an ideal ROI and selecting the best ESP. Yet your email campaigns might get hampered in case you commit a small error. Now what!!??

• Do these mistakes affect your brand image?
• How do you recover from these mistakes?
• Should I send apology emails for any sort of email marketing mistakes?

It is quintessential to understand if the errors in your emails will have an impact on your brand image or offend your email subscribers. At the same time, it is debatable that whether it is really necessary to send a ‘sorry email’ or you just take a note of the mistakes for future campaigns.

Let’s dive deeper into it and seek the blessings from Monks to get the answers to all the questions related to the recovery plan for some common email marketing mistakes.

Erroneous or Broken links: Erroneous or broken link is a huge blunder that email marketers dread.
Imagine, you plan to link your CTA to a landing page, but due to broken link in your email you missed out on generating leads. You need to send a sorry email with fixed links to the subscribers who have already opened the email and have clicked the link.

Have a look at CycleSurgery’s apology mail for sending an email with broken link.

Incorrect Segmentation & Targeting: Segmenting and targeting are integral part of an email campaign. If you happen to send your emails to the wrong audience by mistake, analyze if the content or the topic of your email is too sensitive to hurt the sentiments of your audience. If it does, send an apology email immediately.

Shutterfly accidentally sent an email to all its subscribers congratulating them on their newborn children. They later sent the apology to people offended by this sensitive email

Sending Test Emails to Customers by Mistake: More often than not, email marketers commit the mistake of sending a test email to their email subscribers. Well, as a marketer if you commit a mistake like this, immediately check if the email has been sent to your entire list. If not, stop the email campaign then and there. If the email hasn’t reached many people, you can take a call not to draw anyone’s attention by sending an apology mail. But, if your emails have reached a lot of mailboxes, acknowledge your error and apologize immediately.

The example showcases how WHEREOWARE apologized for sending a test email to its customers.

Curious to learn more tips to save yourself from the common Email Marketing Mistakes? Drop by our Monastery to learn few more Recovery tips.

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