Make your Thanksgiving More Delightful by Boosting Email Conversions

While Thanksgiving is all about plump turkeys, delicious ham, traditional stuffing, marshmallows, and yummy dessert of apple pie or pumpkin pie for your subscribers, as an email marketer, it is about saying thank you and getting them to shop from you!

E-commerce spending touched $1287 million on Thanksgiving Day 2016 that was $191 million more when compared to 2015. Make the best of this opportunity by sending out interesting emails that entice your customers to take the next action.

Have a look at this email by Nordstrom and get inspired to make it big this Thanksgiving.

They have used a beautiful GIF as the hero image. It creates a visual WOW factor for the subscriber. In the following section, they have promoted their discount offer and next holiday sale of Black Friday. Gift shoppers can even check out their gift cards. They have also tactfully asked the subscriber for a review and offered $500 gift card as a reward.

Want to get more ideas to amp up your sales this Thanksgiving Day? Monks have some awesome ideas for your email marketing campaigns that can take your conversions to the next level.

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