Embedding Video in Email? Go for it!

A report states that almost 60% of marketers are using video in their marketing campaigns. Moreover, 73% plan to increase the use of it. Why the hullabaloo?

Videos entertain! And nothing is as desired as entertainment. Why would email marketers be left behind then? They’ve caught the video bug and it leads to a 200–300% increase in click-through rate! Now does that make your pulse quicken?

The only concern is that not all email clients support playing a video right in the inbox.

But the latest HTML 5 version gives us a reason to smile. Although support for HTML5 video is still limited, clients supporting it represent quite a big share of the market.

Native iOS client, Apple Mail, and Outlook.com allow videos to be played within the email client itself. There are more info about it in the infographic on Email Advancements for Apple Subscribers.

And although Gmail and Android devices do not play video in email, they display a fallback image. A GIF can also be created as a fallback for Video HTML 5 tag non-supportive clients.

So are you embedding a video in your next email campaign? If yes, get some in-depth in the article Video in Emails is back… with a bang!

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