Gmailify-ing your Non-Gmail ID = Watching a rainbow through broken glasses

As technology evolves, information becomes more and more accessible. Statista has projected that the number of smartphone users has jumped from 1.51 billion to 2.3 billion from 2014 to 2017 and is forecasted to hit 2.5 billion by 2019. Co-relating the above findings with the fact that globally there are about 1.6 billion Android users in 2017 as per a research by Forbes, it is safe to assume that 1.6 billion users have configured their emails in their mobile phones.

With introduction of Android 4.4, Google decided to scrap away native email client to introduce Gmail as the default email client and to make the transition easy, Gmail introduced a new feature called ‘Gmailify’ wherein smartphone users (Android and iOS both) can configure their non-gmail ids such as Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft Exchange server to work in Gmail app using POP3 or IMAP and that broke all hell loose for email marketers.

How is this problematic for email marketers?

When using a non-Gmail id in Gmail, 3 issues have been observed on opening the email. These can affect the end-user experience.

1) Gmail strips away the background image in non-Gmail IDs and so far, there is no way to get background image loaded in Gmail app while using a non-Gmail id.

2) Emails are not responsive since Gmail doesn’t provide media query support for any non-Gmail address.

3) Gmail has limited support for CSS3 and even that support is not carried forward for non-Gmail addresses.

Even though the above stated hurdles are not a big issue, they can greatly affect end-user experience and email marketers need to resort to appropriate fallback strategies. EmailMonks have discussed the fallbacks you can use, in our blog titled “Gmail Features v/s Non-Gmail ID Fallbacks”. Check it out to find out more.