Is Gmail Clipping Killing Your Email Space?

Have you come across that oh-so-familiar link in your Gmail that reads — ‘view entire message’ or the dreaded ‘…’ — three dots?

Gmail Clipping isn’t a new issue for marketers. Guess it’s time to get to the basics. Oh yes, there’s a reason the link’s there!

It’s when an HTML message size exceeds 120KB in your Gmail message that Gmail, like a nasty kid, hides the full content behind the link as shown below:

Source: econsultancy

This not only kills the impact of your email but also hampers your email deliverability since most subscribers who get a ‘view entire message’ link in their emails, pass without clicking to view further.

This also hurts your email marketing and brand reputation as tracking the email open and click-through rates is next to impossible. Also, since the message is clipped, the entire email cannot be viewed. Thus, chances of your email ending up in the SPAM bin is extremely high.

With more than 54% of emails now opened on a mobile device, mobile email clients are facing some pretty nasty challenges due to Gmail clipping.

· Gmail for Android displays a message with link.

· Gmail for iPhone displays the message with the link but the entire email isn’t loaded.

· Gmail for iPad/iPhone latest versions tends to cuts the entire email that’s exceeding without any message/link.

· iOS native apps render the entire message

· Windows Phone 8 native app gives a message that says ‘Downloading’

To know what you can do to avoid Gmail from clipping your emails, ‘Beat the Challenges of Gmail Clipping’ with the Monks!

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