Minimalist Emails: Keeping it Simple yet Effective

As an email marketer, your primary goal should be your emails reaching the audience and getting read. Creating simple yet appealing emails that STAND OUT in the inbox and render without any issues will help you make a mark.

Think minimalist design!

Minimalist emails have easy to navigate interfaces and design that generally render well and load fast. It removes unnecessary clutter in the emails and highlights the important parts of the email. When the design is uncluttered, and the styling is simple, the subscriber is drawn towards the prominent information of the email and the CTA.

Design Considerations for Minimalist Emails:

In your next email campaign, take care of the following design points to create effective minimalist emails:

White Space

Keeping the design minimum and white space maximum makes the emails easy to read. When there is more white space, the design is balanced and the content is legible.


Limit the use of fonts and keep it as simple as possible. Make sure your text is aligned in proper framework, and the hierarchy is maintained.

Use of Colors

The best practice is to keep the email monochromatic. Use bright colors to highlight specific elements of the emails if your brand demands it.

Icons instead of Text

Instead of over flooding your email with text, try using icons. Icons can visually guide the viewers and can depict the information better than plain text.

Visual Hierarchy

Structure the content and design of the email properly. Organize the elements in such a way that the user can figure out the important part of the email at a single glance.

Here is a really good email from New York Times that has used minimalist design effectively. Take a look!

Here, the visual hierarchy is effectively maintained, the CTA is highlighted and the purpose of the email shines out through the hero image and the tagline “In a sea of news, The Times stands alone”.

For more information on minimalist email design, go through Minimalist Email Design — A Timeless Style You Must Embrace!

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