Popularity of Interactive Emails and Email Client Support

Given a choice between a 3 hour long lecture and an interactive session of the same time, what would you choose? Most probably the second one (unless you are an introvert ;)). It is basic human tendency to want to be a part of a conversation.

And interactivity in emails facilitates this need thereby enhancing email engagement. Interactive emails increase unique click rates by about 18% and click-to-open rates by around 10%.

Interactivity clicks because it applies principles of developmental, behavioural, social and educational psychology in order to simplify and improve the way consumers connect with your brand.

Imagine you can explore choices within the inbox, without having to go to a website! Isn’t that great? It is this comfort and delight that makes interactive emails a hit.

What are the various interactive elements?

By using HTML and CSS properties, an interactive email encourages subscribers to take an action within the email. Here are some interactive elements that make emails mini websites or mailable microsites:

· Hamburger Menu

· Accordion

· Carousel

· Collapsible carousel

· Countdown timer

· Slider

· Rotating banner

· Flip and Scratch

· Integrated form and search

What throws a spanner in the works is the limited email client support for interactivity. Do you know which element is supported by which email client and what are the fallback strategies to make sure your interactive email looks alright in non-supporting clients? To know all this and more, check out this blog by the Monks: Interactive Elements - Email Client Support and Fallback Strategies.

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