Revive and Boost User Engagement with Interactive Email Design

May 4, 2017 · 3 min read

Email marketing has changed manifolds with email clients supporting interactivity, and 2017 is going to be the year of interactive emails. These emails are more vibrant and let the user take an action within the inbox. Adding a little interactivity to your emails increases engagement and drives greater click-through rates. Apart from all this such emails also maximize lead generation.

Monks bring to you the different ways in which you can pump up the liveliness of your emails using interactive elements.


Countdown in Emails

Using countdown timers in emails to promote a sale or event or any other communication induces a sense of urgency and persuades the user to click. It is compatible across all major platforms.


Hamburger Menus in Email

Menus in emails help subscribers to navigate and surf across various sections, categories and tabs within the inbox. E-commerce websites can benefit the most from menus.

Rotating Banners

Rotational Banners in Email

Rotating banners can be used in an email to grab the attention of a subscriber by showcasing multiple images and CTAs. It makes the email look neat and attractive. This interactive element is compatible with Apple Mail, Mobile Native Email applications and Thunderbird.


Accordion in Emails

Accordions allow you to stack up content and send out expansive emails without asking the users to actually scroll through the entire content. The main purpose of using this is to minimize the height of the email on mobile and summarize the content for desktop.

Integrated Forms

Integrated Forms in Email

Including integrated forms in emails increases the form filling efficiency manifold. Email clients like Gmail Desktop, Apple Mail, Yahoo Desktop, AOL, Mac and Outlook support integrated form. It can be of great use for fashion retailers and restaurant owners.


GIFs in emails increase user interactivity and they are compatible across all major platforms. Retailers use GIFs to display products, offers, etc.


Collapsible Carousel

Collapsible Carousel in Email

Collapsible Carousel is the combination of accordion and carousel, which lets you include more content than you can in an accordion or slider alone. It stacks up the content in rows and columns and it is of great use to ecommerce websites to display more products in a single email.

For more insights into Interactive Emails, go through our infographic: INTERACTIVE EMAIL DESIGN ELEMENTS.

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