‘We Miss You’ Re-engagement Email that Melts the Heart

Have your subscribers lost interest in your emails? Are your emails going un-noticed? Well, it’s a fact that 25% of your subscribers turn inactive in a year and your list starts to decay.

But, don’t feel disheartened!

Build up a strategy to know the reason for their inactivity. It could be because your emails are not of use to them anymore, or your too frequent emails are an overdose of information for them, or maybe they signed up for a single time purpose and did not look back after that.

You need to segment your list accordingly and craft creative emails based on your findings to win back your disengaged customers and subscribers.

Looking up for a catchy win-back email? Check out this one from Boden!

Monks think this is a really heart-warming and creative email. Here’s why!

· The catch line “What’s with the cold shoulder?” conveys their longing to hear from their subscriber really well.

· It has clear options for the customers to take action to either continue receiving mails or unsubscribe, in the first scroll itself.

· The design and colors are simple and catchy.

· They have proposed the viewers with an exciting sale deal, to prompt them to click.

· The social links and offer in the end give them options to natter.

This is a great example of a well-made and strategic win-back email. For more of such email examples and tips for re-engagement emails, go through our blog: 10 Re-engagement Email Inspirations to Win Back Subscribers.

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