Favorite Women’s Day Email that Made you Go Wow!

International Women’s Day is just a day away on March 8, most women subscribers must have been receiving some pretty awesome emails from retailer brands . Email marketing is a booming channel to connect with customers and marketers make sure to use it to the optimum — even if it means enticing your women subscribers.

Here’s an email by Esprit we simply loved . They’ve not only brought together an inspiring email for Women’s Day but, they’ve managed to keep it simple and to-the-point.

Their email is a fine balance of text and images as it talks about how Esprit has planned to celebrate this women’s day. Their UN Women Projects drive — ‘Empower a woman; Empower a nation’ is out offering their support to the women less fortunate, ‘coz every woman deserves the best.

The CTA button is clearly placed in the first fold offering a deeper understanding about the project and donation. Followed by the range of products that will aid towards this drive. At the footer of the email, the banner reveals their intentions to promote donations.

Which is your favorite Women’s day emailer you received this year?

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