Why Kinetic Emails Click with Subscribers

Email marketing is changing as you read this. With the first ARPANET email that was sent way back in 1971, emails have evolved over the time. Today, more than 2.6 billion email users are there worldwide, and by the end of 2020 the number of email users is expected to top 3.0 billion. Now, that’s nearly half of the worldwide population.

Amidst this massive shift, kinetic emails have made their way into our inboxes. These highly interactive emails are known to increased unique click rates by as much as 18.3% and click-to-open rates by more than 10%.

Kinetic design is a coding technique used to create high-impact interactive emails with creative HTML and CSS. With each effect being highly interactive and attractive, these emails come to life with:

· Counters

· Menus

· Rotational Banners

· Sliders

· Scratch & Flip

· Accordion

· Search in Email

· Collapsible Carousel


· Graphs

· Form in Email

Kinetic emails not only boost open and click-through rates but also keep your recipients engaged for a longer time with your email.

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