Why Marketers should be Using Emojis in Email Subject Lines

Dec 14, 2017 · 2 min read
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56% brands using emoji in their email subject lines observe a higher unique open rate.

This percentage communicates the reason behind the recent obsession with emojis in email subject lines. If you open your inbox, you would find emails from top brands containing emojis that express way more than the regular textual subject lines.

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Some awesome subject lines with emojis

The timer in the email subject line by “Cotton On” is more effective than “ends tonight”. Chances of the subscriber seeing the timer are high. Emojis help communicate certain emotions in a much better way.

So, is expression the only reason marketers are trying to get emojis into their subject lines? Well, there’s more to emojis than what meets the eye. Let’s have a quick look at the advantages of including those emojis in your subject lines.

Subscribers will surely open these emails

We have already identified the percentage of subscribers that open emails with emojis in the subject lines. The question is why? Weren’t we all fond of those books with illustrations as a kid? Visuals tend to attract more attention. That’s why when you send an email with emojis, you get more opens. Your subscribers tend to get drawn to the emojis and want to know what your email contains. This curiosity is enough to maximize your open rate.

More information with fewer characters

You have 30–40 characters, especially on the mobile devices, for your subject line, which is crucial for your email. A good subject line will ensure more opens for your email. With emojis, you can communicate more and in a better way with the character limit you have. An emoji takes up a single character, which means you have more space for the other things you want to write.

Capable of attracting attention

During a Cyber Monday or a Black Friday, you will need to stand out in the inbox to get more clicks and conversions. An emoji in the email subject line helps you grab the attention. You are bound to see the subject line with the symbols before the subject line with plain text.

Wrapping Up

Emojis in email subject lines is a great way to connect with your subscriber. Learn how and when to use to improve your conversion rate.

Let us know if you have used emojis in your email subject lines and how effective it was for your brand.

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