Pattern vs Context

#brainfarts is a series where I take some time out every Sunday to think and write about some real questions that come to my brain.

In a fight to be more productive, I find myself trying to learn from my mistakes. I try not to digress and stay focussed on what I set out for a day.

In this pursuit I have picked up a few habits and patterns that just work. I used to wake up and start staring at my mobile screen looking at all sorts of possible garbage. So I set a little routine to get myself in the groove which includes setting out a task list for the day. But life follows no list so things change.

I find it quite interesting when previously made plans change. How does context change a pattern? You decided that you wanted to catch up on emails but your friend gives you a call and boom, it’s 4am and you are still drinking beer.

How do you know, in what context, is it okay to break a pattern?

With love, thegreybox.