What’s new?

#brainfarts is a series where I take some time out every Sunday to think and write about some real questions that come to my brain.

So what’s new?

Did you stare at a screen today? You found something new. You know there is more. There is more you don’t know. There is more about the things you think you know. It’s a fun game though, exploring unexploring lands, on the road, in the sky, in your mind. Is there an end to this? Does the desire die out…

…or is this it? We are on this consistent never ending journey to eat more information and digest it to try and make sense out of it. You know some of the things you see are batshit insane. But we move on, because there is this new thing that everyone is talking about.

If you consider the flipside, some might argue we are actually becoming so empathic that we dive into instant epiphanies, really feel a spontaneous connection and then, ‘onto the next one’.

Is there any permanence left?

With love, thegreybox.

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