Get to know about Facebook tagging aid of Facebook Phone Number

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Dec 14, 2019 · 3 min read

Take help from experienced professionals using Facebook Community if you are looking to be acquainted with Tagging feature of Facebook.

· Tagging From Places: You can be tagged by your friends when they check-in somewhere with you and immediately a notification will be sent to you over Facebook.

· Tag Review: here, you are allowed to review any tag in a proper manner before it is shown on your Facebook timeline.

· Profile Review: If your Facebook is enabled with this feature, you are required to approve whenever any of your FB friends tags you in picture. The status of tagging will remain ‘pending’ until you do approve it or ignore it.

· Tag Suggestions: Facebook will identify the image in an effective manner if you turn on this feature and makes sure it was a social activity of a friend of yours. Facebook will also suggest that friend too or the purpose of tagging you in the same image.

· Public Search: If you are willing to access at public search and want to share on Facebook, you can make use of this feature through which anybody can easily find you out on FB and can tag you with their stuff by giving a quick search of your name.

· Remove Tag: the process of removing a tag is as easy as piece of cake. What you are required to do is open any post in which you are tagged in, you have t click on ‘remove tag’ and you will be immediately get removed from the post without any trouble.

With the complete knowledge, you can make proper utilization of in an easy manner. In case you face any kind of problems, you are required to avail Facebook Help right now.