KLM Dutch Airlines’ use of Facebook Messenger

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I recently booked my first flight with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. While finalizing my reservation, I signed up to receive notifications about my flights “via Messenger.” Apparently, this “Messenger” is actually the Facebook Messenger, which I realized after getting a greeting from KLM on Facebook.

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Hello from KLM on Facebook!

The greeting message I received looked very generic, as if it had been sent by a KLM Messenger bot. There are multiple online articles that indicate that Facebook Messenger has partnered with several service providing organizations including KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Exchange of Ticket via Messenger

Shortly after booking the flight, I realized I had to change the return date on the ticket. So, I decided to reach out to KLM via Messenger. It seemed like the most convenient option, since I didn’t have to wait on the phone and read my ticket details. The ticket details were already part of the previous Messenger exchange. I sent over a quick request below to change the ticket.

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About 4 hours later, I heard back from KLM that an exchange might be possible free of charge. This time, I think I was talking to a human customer service representative, not a bot. What do you think?

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Does this look like a human customer representative to you?

About 12 hours later, I received a message confirming that my ticket will be changed free of charge — bingo! Again, I think I was talking to a human customer service representative, and not a bot (but who knows!). Overall, the experience of changing the ticket with the help of Messenger was very positive and painless.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

After my request was fulfilled, I got a survey asking me to rate KLM social media customer service. The design of the survey is worth sharing. It had only one question and asked how likely I am to recommend KLM Royal Airlines to a friend. Oddly, the survey didn’t ask whether I’m satisfied with the social media service of KLM.

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KLM Survey

Also, the designer in me cringed slightly seeing how the numbers are arranged from 0 to 10 in two rows. The use of red and green colors is pretty meaningful though!

My Thoughts on the Overall Experience

  • Placing a request on Facebook Messenger is one of the most painless customer service experiences I have had. Most importantly, it yielded the desired results in my case with KLM.
  • The updated itinerary was sent to my email address, as opposed to via Messenger. This was slightly confusing, as the request started on Facebook and I was expecting to receive a new ticket in Facebook Messenger.
  • If KLM uses a customer service chat bot, it is not fully automated yet. See for yourself based on the messages I included. I hope I helped train the bot though.
  • I liked the social media customer service experience with KLM. Does it mean I will recommend KLM to a friend of mine? Not necessarily. Does it mean I will tell my friends and Medium that customer service through Facebook Messenger is great? Yes!

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