Quirky Arab Memes Got Me Thinking

Not sure if you have come across them on your digital travels but one thing I’ve noticed from my year in the Middle East s that there are some lovely local idiosyncracies which make me smile EVERY day. Plastic covered car interiors, double parking, over protective moms. It’s these little everyday observations make living, and working in the Middle East so entertaining and interesting.

And it’s clear from their increasing popularity that Arabic memes are not just popular with British expats working abroad. They have started becoming a huge mega trend for content here in the region. You know what I’m talking about, the little things done that make no sense at all, yet, you still see them or come across them. For me memes have a tendency to bring out human, cultural and traditional behaviors that we often overlook. These images and jokes can shed light on useful information that can help identify key insights that would help inspire creativity. It’s what gives this region and its people its own unique charm.

This month we wanted to embrace some of these memes, capture, and curate them in a meaningful way. So from today, if you come across something that makes you smile and nod in understanding, we want to hear about it. Send it to us via Twitter, Facebook, or Vine/Instavideo using the hashtag #GIveThemA Mentos. Because we think these little everyday occurrences require people to step in and give people doing these things some mental refreshment, courtesy of Mentos.

For example, if you have a macho friend that switches to a hamster voice whenever his girlfriend calls, we ask that if you can record it or capture it and share on Facebook or Twitter with #GiveThemAMentos.

I would love to hear if you see or experience anything where you think the people involved could benefit from some mental refreshment. For example, if you are walking down the street and you spot a car parked across two parking spots for no reason, snap a picture and share with the #GiveThemAMentos tag. If you read a story in the news about a mom panicking and calling the police after her teenage son is out of contact for 2 hours, tell us on Facebook.

For friends and family across the UAE and beyond we want to encourage clear mental thinking and where you see something that you think requires an intervention, tell us through the #GiveThemAMentos tag. For some inspiration check out our latest TVC: http://bit.ly/1bEwZMY

Happy hunting!

Originally published at emalinakeruae.tumblr.com.