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You know baseball is as American as hot dogs and apple pie, and you know it’s carried us through some of the toughest times in history as fictionally told in the 1992 hit film A League of Their Own. Yes, baseball once had to call on women for it’s survival during World War II. They also played for our survial as a free nation which refuses to be beaten down.

The novel coronavirus has changed the way we are living in 2020, but we are finding ways to carry on. Baseball started 4 months late this year, but the show…

And the argument for the importance of historical preservation

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My grandmother was a sweet Cherokee woman whose height I had matched, for sure, by the time I was 11 years old. She was born into Oklahoma poverty, just 15 years after statehood. She spent time in Indian boarding schools where she learned to speak fluent English and behave like a proper lady, skills that would become increasingly valuable as the former Indian Territory was taken over by the white world and white ways.

The amazing thing about my grandma was if she had an agenda you wouldn’t have known it…

Overcoming Stigmas and Learning Acceptance

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I once won a t-shirt in a door prize drawing during a drag show in a crowded bar near downtown Tulsa. The bar was small, but there were maybe 100 patrons present. I was ecstatic that out of a packed room full of people, I won the shirt. I still have the shirt, and I treasure it because it’s the softest shirt I own (coincidentally, I’m wearing it right now). Imprinted on the chest, in black and white, is a person dressed as Wonder Woman, and beneath the image it reads: “I wonder if it’s a man or a woman?”…

In regard to your reporting on the POTUS

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Dear Press and Presidentially Ascribed Fake News,

We need to talk. This has been on my mind for some time and I need to get it out, so bear with me. I have several news apps on my phone, as I’m sure a lot of people do. There’s CNN, The New York Times and The Associated Press, to name a few. Hey, I’m all about fair and balanced reporting, so there’s even a Fox News app. I like the story from all angles. …

Behave like the internet has taught you all your habits

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The revolution of the internet age, if you’re old enough to remember a time before the world wide web, has spurred changes in human behavior. Some of these behaviors, unfortunately, have carried over to the work place. Some of these new habits have created monsters of us — beings that are a manager’s worst nightmare.

Let’s review a few of these habits and analyze how they impact the work environment.


We have become a culture of impatience. It started with the telephone, and then the television. We were introduced to entertainment at our finger tips. Today, we can communicate with…

My Advice to Single People This Valentine’s Day

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I honestly thought it would hurt more if I failed. When I was a little girl, and through much of my adulthood, I believed there was someone out there, just for me. I believed God had premeditatively paired us and we would find each other, waving away the murkiness that is life, so that one day we would see each other through the fog and know. Our hearts would instantly know that we were the ones meant to be together. That was my idea of how love worked — as a little girl and a younger woman.

I remember my…

I saved her from the pound, and I thought about taking her back.

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I have a damn dog and I can’t house break her. She chews on everything. She’s a runner, meaning if she gets out of the fence, she’s gone. She runs from everything and would leave me to die in the face of danger. That’s not a joke. She’s a digger and has left a path of destruction that rivals a war zone in my backyard. She loves me and she loves my children, but she makes me want to jump up and down in fits of rage.

I already had a dog, a good dog, but about a year ago…

She was a humanist before she ever met a prince.

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There has been a lot of uproar in Great Britain. There has been uproar about a British prince marrying an American actress. There has been an uproar because not only is she American, but she is black. There has been uproar that there is now black blood running through the veins of a royal heir. And there has been uproar that due to all of these uproars, that prince and that American want protection by way of privacy for their new family.

I wonder if the British press ever cared to really know who Meghan is, since they were so…

And the Democrats and media are (mostly) to blame.

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While I agree President Donald J. Trump committed an impeachable offense, and that he should be removed from office, this impeachment trial is a disappointment. It’s not a disappointment because the House Managers don’t have a case; it’s a disappointment because there is a lack of newsworthy material coming out of the chamber. To be blunt, it’s boring. How do we get the attention of the rest of America, who still support Trump, if there are no shakeups?

Let’s be honest, the media reporting on this hearing are letting us down, big time. While most Americans don’t have the time…

It’s a lesson on life for the whole family

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Released last weekend (January 17, 2020), Amazon Studio’s “Troop Zero” is an entertaining laugh-riot that will not only tickle your gut, but will leave you challenging your own perceptions of society’s propensity to place negative labels on those judged to be different.

While some might dismiss it as a girl movie, and girl movies tend to scare boys and men to anywhere but the room the movie is being shown, it is actually a movie about the right to be heard. …

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