Eat Mor Chikin, HERE!

This is an ad for a chain fast food restaurant called Chick-fil-A which is clear to whomever looks up at the billboard and sees their logo. This ad is a form of mass communication, given that it is a billboard for anyone passing by to see. It shows two cows that are telling the consumer to eat more chicken, not beef aka them. Where is the consumer supposed to go for chicken then? The ad supports that Chick-fil-A would be the our best bet. It is effective in the fact that there is not much to direct your attention to besides a clear statement that is also humorous thanks to the cows. If there was more going on in the ad, passing by consumers may not take the time to read and understand the message of the ad. It is a short and light message that is perfect for its particular placement.

Chick-fil-A utilized arrangement and color advertising techniques to best get their message across. The arrangement of the add first brought my attention to the cows and then the message they were writing. This was effective because of how little was on the white billboard, it was so easy to read their message. Finally, after the message, I looked at the logo they have stamped on the bottom center of the ad. The logo is a vibrant red which happens to be the only color on the billboard. This had the result of grabbing my attention rather than it going unnoticed by being possibly written in black and in the bottom corner.

If anyone puts an ad on a billboard along a highway, it’s practically an unwritten promise that they will get noticed. Billboards are shown for anyone who happens to look to their left or right while driving but depending on the product being sold, the side of a highway isn’t always the best audience. For Chick-fil-A, a highway billboard is a great idea. Being a fast food company, people that are on the road or want something quick may be watering by the mouth when food is brought up and effortlessly available. The crowd the company is trying to appeal to is drivers and passengers that are hungry or simply anyone who would love chicken. The side of the highway is the perfect audience for this ad.

To the point, this is a playful and unique ad that grabs the consumer’s attention with its childlike simplicity. Had it not been for the cows being up on a billboard, the sloppy grammatically incorrect message or the bright red logo, this ad would not be effective in getting the business of hungry customers in which they thrive on.

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