I am Sabuni Emma Mawanda 19 year old boy, learning programming , with the desire of becoming one of the best programmers in Africa.

Right now I don't school, I work with a small growing software company who repair smartphones, computers generally in software repair and they also do teach computer basics, my favorite part at this work is teaching people computer knowledge because i dream of a world where everyone has knowledge on how to use computers

With the use of computers i started it around 2009 , started with learning computer basics, then of recent i started the serious computer knowledge study though it wasn't of much focus,the serious one was in 2017 when I serious started learning how to use programming languages, I started with HTML for beginners. Then rolled to Python right now my favorite language and am still on the track of it still on the basics. And have been doing the learning on my own also with the use of the internet and some help from friends.

I started Andela TeenCode with the aim of acquiring and developing knowledge in programming, with expectations of being a good developer and also to use my acquired knowledge to do developing structures for my community.

Generally I am fan of almost everything for as long as no violence involved this is because of my ability to adopt easily, basically movies and music roll the thing for me mostly.