URCAD — Film Presentation by Paul Oh

May 5th, 2017


Paul Oh is a senior Cinematographer at UMBC. He has been developing an experimental film with a unique attempt at capturing the essence of a dream and placing it visually on a screen. He does this by incorporating many forms and styles of film into one collective piece. The surreal footage portrays Paul’s interpretations of what a dream looks and feels like.

Aside from the technical skills in the development of his project I have both learned and been inspired by his work. He has sequences of a girl rooted to the ground as if she were buried but still breathing heavily. The cracks on the dirt moving inwards and outwards implies with each breath her breathing. Perhaps indicating the comfortability one has during a dream session or one that Paul himself has experienced. He captures the organic motion of water flowing in a river as a metaphor of the shape of dreams.

Paul’s work demonstrates an abstract form of what a dream can feel like from many angles. He strives to reveal the obscurity of the dream realm, surreal, not completely certain through amorphous and literal subjects in each shot. From traditional footage to the rotoscoping of the women being drawn to life being tempted to entire a door of the unknown. Paul educates the audience his interpretation of the mystery behind the sensation of dreams.