A World Without Religion is a World Without a Future
Jack Preston King

Hi Jack, thank you for this article and your views on religions vs science.

I think there is something important missing: Religions come from a place where someone (or a group of people) could experience the universal „divine“ (which is way greater than all earthly religions together) in pure form. Because their followers found this experience important, but could not completely reproduce it themselves, they tried to pour their view of this experience into texts, legends, rituals and exercises. And then institutions form and try to make this the only truth on Earth….

That was surely a method to transport the mirrored (no longer original) divine experience over a long time…. but maybe this is not any more the way to connect the modern humans with the divine.

I see a future where every person is capable to have this kind of connection to the divine. This future does not need agents any more to tell you and me how the divine is and what it means for us and what follows from there for our behaviour. Religions will simply be obsolet in the future, not because science takes it place, but because everyone of us will be aware of the divine in us and listen to it. Until then, maybe, we need religions a bit longer … but no longer than another 50–100 years (and maybe even faster).