How Rescheduling a Wedding Date During an Epidemic could be Costing Couples Big Time

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Waiting to marry the love of your life, to celebrate with the people you love is a moment many couples dream about. Due to COVID-19, it should come to no surprise that couples are canceling and rescheduling their weddings for 2021 and 2022. Not every couple wants to celebrate their marriage via Zoom. If a couple does not reschedule, they are forced to do a massive cut down in their guest list to comply with safety measures, but who wants to have a guest list go down from 200 to 25 people?

What’s making wedding planning a nightmare are a variety of factors such as choosing the right date with hope of cases reaching lows, the proper guest count to ensure safety when there is no vaccine for COVID-19, a proper bridal fitting while on lockdown, ensuring a venue has space to ensure social distancing and the health of loved ones to survive this pandemic to celebrate the wedding.

For couples who are planning with a budget, this pandemic is making wedding celebrations financially distressful because some wedding venues are not supporting couples financially as they plan for their special day as they reschedule in 2021 and 2022. This hits the hardest since not every couple, family member, loved one, friend, has sustained the same income as they did prior to the pandemic to help finance the wedding or attend a destination wedding.

According to TheKnot after surveying 27,000 couples, in 2019, the average cost of a wedding fell between $19,800-$53,400 depending on the state in the United States. This cost does not reflect the rise in the cost of weddings from 2020–2022 due to these economical times to cover costs such as payroll and taxes for vendors.

In California, the popular forest and garden estate in Santa Clara County, Nestldown the 2020 costs in their wedding brochure ranged by date. A Friday range was $12,000-$15,000, while a Sunday ranged from $14,000-$16,000 prior to the epidemic. However, Nestldown has presented inadequate options for couples rescheduling their weddings due to COVID-19 for 2021.

Lauren Miyamoto’s sister and brother-in-law’s wedding was supposed to take place on August 3, 2020, but they were left with bad financial offers by email to reschedule in 2021.

The email sent by Nestldown was posted on Lauren Miyamoto’s Instagram reads:

“There is absolutely no additional charge for those of you who are willing to move to a Monday thru Wednesday. Period! In being that has paid for the expensive time frame, you have the ability to choose any M-W in 2021 or 2022 that is open again. We did restrict March-May 16th to choose within their price range. Those are days typically held for business events, but if there is a day open, it is yours.”

To make a switch to a weekday to save extra money in those tentative years is challenging. If there is a vaccine by 2021–2022 and the world shifts back to normal, many wouldn’t be able to attend because of a wedding falling under business days. Especially if it is a destination wedding.

Nestldown’s email continues: “You may choose an open Thursday thru Sunday and pay 40% of the price of the day (not that this varies between day, month, and year). In addition to your full base rental for the current date. The cost to you will be 40% of the cost of the day you choose (we will pay for the other 60%.) Note: To take advantage of this offer move, your base rental for your current wedding date is due in full.”

At Nestldown, the 2021 price ranges had an increase Fridays $14,000-$21,000, Sundays now range from $15,000-$23,000. That means if a couple chooses the weekend date next year, they are paying much more than their original budgeted plan. Some will pay up to 100% more to keep a weekend rent date because of the extra 40% on top of the previous fees covered in the first rental date in 2020. During this financial crisis, how many couples are there to afford their base rental cost in full to set the next date in the first place, especially after paying for their initial date?

The worst part of all is if a couple decides to cancel their wedding altogether at Nestldown, the owners are refusing refunds. Even a refund as low as 50%.

The economical crisis is forcing couples to make the most puzzling decisions when choosing their dream wedding venues, either they choose to pay more to ensure everyone’s arrival, sacrificing their invitee lists, or finding alternatives for the elderly who are more prone to health risks. Some couples may need to pay more out of pocket to hire an attorney to read over the contract of a venue and hopefully a resolution will come out. Or cancel the venue altogether without a refund and choose a new venue that meets their needs.

To the future couplets who are dreaming of their wedding, expect to pay more for a wedding date in the next two years to come.




Freelance Fashion, Lifestyle and Culture Writer. Featured in Mess Magazine, PopSugar, College Magazine and counting. Check out my Instagram @emanalami for more!

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Eman Alami

Eman Alami

Freelance Fashion, Lifestyle and Culture Writer. Featured in Mess Magazine, PopSugar, College Magazine and counting. Check out my Instagram @emanalami for more!

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