The Top Ten Hair Accessories at J.Crew for $28 or less!

At home with my J.Crew Bow Barrette

Level up your zoom calls with minimal effort and affordability of hair accessories even if you’ve slept in. The best part about hair accessories is their ability to easily re-create the stylish hairstyles from the runway without paying a mind-blowing sum on a hair clip or headband while dressing your hair up. The preppy retailer, J.Crew has some of the best colorful, playful, and affordable hair accessories. Their website includes daily sales offers, with the extra 30%-75% off, the prices range anywhere from $3.49-$28.00! The next time you shop at J.Crew these hair accessories in your cart won’t make you feel any sense of guilt.

Make sure to take advantage of the highest deals the next time you shop at the J.Crew as their hairpieces quickly come and go. These are some of my favorite hairpieces you can score right now for around $28 or less depending on the promotion.

  1. Rattan Circle Barrette

A little woven rattan for your hair, perfect for any clipping on any part of your hair even when you leave it natural for a fun summery look at home for $24.50.

2. Satin Scrunchie with a bow

A scrunchie with a little touch of luxe and sophistication. Your hair will appreciate this stylish bow as satin is proven to give your hair less stress and frizz.

3. Satin Braided Headband

This braided satin hairband comes in bright colors like aqua blue, cherry red, and a burnt pink. These beautifully stitched pops of color are $18.99.

4. Elastic Bow Tie Set

These shades of pink bows look perfect to tie any updo. I love wearing it with my messy bun to get a ballerina-inspired look. For three, they’re $12.50.

5. Hair Elastic with Faux Tortoise bow

The timeless tortoiseshell adds a little twist with the bow detail, it’s part of the sale selection for less than $12.50.

6. Beaded Elastic Headband

Elastic headbands can fit anyone’s head without any slip-ups, this one has a glass hand beaded quality which adds a little Simone Rocha runway inspiration for your hair. It’s a steal for $18.99.

7. Rounded Open Side Hair Clip

With the messiest bedhead hair, gather your hair in one of these classic tortoiseshell clips which still comes off as a French au-natural look. It’s only $24.50.

8. Ribbon Headband with Crystal Details

The tiny woven crystals make your hair twinkle under any lighting for $24.50.

9. Turban Knot Headband in Liberty print

Wearing a turban doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have all the time to prep in the morning to tie one up. This turban hairband allows you to get the turban knot with ease and a fun print for $26.99.

10. Skinny Barrette in Brushed Metal

Rectangular barrettes are bulky for shorter hair, but this skinny gold barrette will give you the minimalist look without the weight for as low as $12.00.




Freelance Fashion, Lifestyle and Culture Writer. Featured in Mess Magazine, PopSugar, College Magazine and counting. Check out my Instagram @emanalami for more!

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Eman Alami

Eman Alami

Freelance Fashion, Lifestyle and Culture Writer. Featured in Mess Magazine, PopSugar, College Magazine and counting. Check out my Instagram @emanalami for more!

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