The Concept of Hell is Absurd (Luckily)
Jakub Ferencik

I am not going to be able to write down all I want to say, but I feel the need to write something down so we can talk to each other about it. Hell is not confusing just like jail is not confusing. A perfect God must punish sin, just like we must punish those who do wrong by jail time or even worse by death. The beauty of the gospel is that God does not want us to go to hell so He made a way through Jesus to not go there. God sacrificed Himself so that we do not have to go to hell. Now Jesus says “ I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me” meaning, that sacrifice is the only way to make it. We are all sinners, we can agree to that. So either we die trusting in Christ and His sacrifice for us knowing that He paid the price for our sin, or we can die rejecting Jesus. Hell is not a motivator for people to get saved. The bible teaches that “ The goodness of God leads men to repentance”. Not hell or fear, but the freedom of God’s grace that He would take a sinner who has rejected Him time and time again and embrace Him like the prodigal sons father. The bible is full of passages explaining God’s heart toward us, a heart full of patience, grace, perfect love, of a Father, and yet a lot of people look past the beauty of His heart towards us and only see His anger by looking at punishment for sin. The bible also says “ a righteous man falls 7 times and keeps getting up”. To me that is explaining that the righteous who live by faith in Christ will still fall and sin, but they will continue to persevere, strive, and fight until the end of this life when they can be conformed truly to the image of Christ and sit at His right hand forever. So, as a believer who enjoys my relationship with God and delights in Him, I would say no, fear of hell is not a motivator for my salvation. In fact for the true believer I would be willing to say if there were no hell, we would still be followers of Christ and strive forward to obey and trust in Him.

Not trying to argue or anything, I appreciate your writing and hope we can have a good conversation about these things.

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