CSR: Learning Journal Week #6

Yuck. Valentines day. The whole day was filled with over stuffed toys, red flowers, couples acting all cheesy, and of course… Corporate Social Responsibility class. I found this whole day to be a drag and if you find me “reflecting” on valentines day (i’m really just emoting) please forgive me. you have been warned.

Truth is I am quite fresh from a break up. While it was me who chose to break us apart, It does not mean that I have not loved. I still find myself afflicted with the pain of separation and the pangs of loneliness that hit you in the middle of the night. The kind of discomfort that you feel when an existential thought crosses your mind in the middle of the night. yet, as much as it sounds counter intuitive, school was a good outlet to release all the negative energy I was experiencing at the time.

So I step into the room and to my (bitter) surprise, am reminded of my new found single status with a random group of 5 entering the room and serenading this classmate of mine at the back of the class. It was good that she was able to experience that I am sure! I thought it was equally as good a thing that they decided to serenade our professor who I think is beautiful and charming anyway. luckily for us this placed professor in a good mood to give incentive to whoever could serenade the class by singing in front.

With barely any hesitation my group volunteered to do some of the serenading and were delighted that ma’am stuck to her promise. While I hate singing or dancing I must say this mood did put an otherwise broken hearted me in a better mood at the very least. Later on that session we discussed employee theft. From this discussion I learned that theft is not exclusive to money alone. Theft can include the sale or exchange of company trade secrets as portrayed in the skit we had to do for class.

I was tasked to act as a frustrated cook at KFC who is entrusted, for all the wrong reasons, we the secret recepie for the 11 herbs and spices that makes KFC unique. I then sold it in exchange for money to one of my group mates who plays the role of a rival company. In the skit I am apprehended for the sale of classified information I am sworn by contract to keep confidential.

We also had a case to submit this week which was titled “apathy over anonymity”. wherein an intern named satomi learned that one of the other interns named max failed to verify if one of the samples were kept anonymized. Max now faces the predicament of telling her manager about the dilemma she finds one of her fellow interns in. The group decided that the best course of action Satomi can take in this instance was to let the supervisor be aware of the information she now has while informing the other interns of her action. This was considered under the deontological perspective of ethics. that it is her duty to report any misfindings during the procedures.