Taboo (2017 TV series starring Tom Hardy) —

Back in 2012 I’ve started writing on a blog about movies, in english. Back then it was hosted on and had a few subscribers, for my surprise. Now I’m taking it to the next level. I am producing new content and I am really growing a community around it. It’s personal, and it’s about movies. Still a lot of work on it, specially on the design part. I had a premium theme but sometimes (most of the times) it takes more than basic knowledge and you really do need to invest more time. It will come the design pretty soon. I got a lot of work coming up so I would be a really cool idea to subscribe (highly appreciate it).

If you love history and (are in) love Tom Hardy, if you are into esotericism and crime, well, this things are not Taboo anymore. Click to read the article!

Taboo starring Tom Hardy