The rise of the “Full Stack” Designer and the tools they use
Eden Vidal

You really get the point!!!
It’s absolutely adherent with the majority of my daily working tasks.
I mean, labels are still simply labels, but… If I have to change my ‘LinkedIn label’ I chose this brand new definition for sure (I dont’ know how much it could be ‘new’, but this is not a point of discussion).
I suppose to be a ‘digital project manager’ in my (I am one of the two founders) start-up made up of 3 people. But wait a moment! Since 2005 I’ve been working as a web designer, a UI designer, a web project manager (quite a lot also as a researcher), and ‘ all-the-web-stuff’ you can imagine are needed in a very small business. Moreover, to be honest, despite I am a computer scientist, web development is still something that I don’t wanna do. All the other tasks graphically highlighted in the Manifesto are very familiar to me and can represent what I am doing everyday.

Hope not boring you anymore, but I really find this definition so precious to my personal experience.

Concerning the pool of tools that can support us in this faceted kind of work, well I think that we have to stay open-minded, always focused on searching for more efficient tools…having in mind user needs, business objectives and our learning capabilities.

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