Best Chrome extensions for professionals

There are an abundance of different Chrome extensions, for any types of users. In this post I want to cover a few of the extensions that I use, as a full-stack developer, but they are just as good and useful for entrepreneurs and designers alike. It’s also a “I wish I knew earlier” list of extensions.

Most of my articles are varying in nature, as I’ve been switching (and still am) between front-end development, server administration, SEO, design, marketing, and others. Difficult path, but one of the most complex and satisfying roads that I’ve ever been on.

That’s why I’ll split them up in a few categories, and I will include gifs where I can, because they are awesome.


FontFace Ninja — beautifully designed Chrome extension that allows you to see what font any page is using.

Colorzilla — need to get a quick hex code? Of course you do, even if you are a designer, or a developer. As a developer, you get access to the awesome Colorzilla CSS gradient generator. Because no one should write the CSS for a gradient by hand.

Colorzilla functionality


Colorzilla — for the previously mentioned reasons

Wappalyzer — confusing name, extremely useful extension. You can see what technological stack a website is using. Not always 100% precise, but as a developer you always have a question on these lines.

Wappalyzer overview

Postman — indispensable tool for back-end and frontend developers. For testing API’s, and everything else one might need regarding backend.

Postman overview

HTTP2 Indicator — very specific extension, allows you to see if websites have the HTTP2 standard.

HTTP2 indicator


Awesome Screenshot — does what the name implies, takes a screenshot of a section of a page, fullpage screenshot, etc. Very useful for developers, designers and especially marketing/testing teams for quick feedback.

Buffer — Buffer is awesome for many reasons (of course, you should do some checks to see if it fits your marketing strategy), but one of the main reasons that I love it is the continuous updates to their system, including the Chrome extension. Which really makes your life easier. You thought social media was difficult? It is, but this will save a enormous amount of time from your schedule.

Buffer schedule Chrome extension overview

MozBar — Moz is a indispensable name in the SEO field, and they have a amazing extension that allows you to get a quick overview of the most important SEO information for any of your projects/competitors, etc.

Sidekick by HubSpot — extremely useful tool for marketers. Hubspot is worth checking out, as it’s way to broad for a description in here. If you need a easier way to market, manage and track leads, look no further.

Pocket — Pocket is a bookmarking tool. And it’s awesome! Save your links based on meta tags and find them easier later. Let’s be realistic, the classic bookmarking system doesn’t work that well, especially when you want to find your links later on.


Here’s some extra online services that I use that complement each other in one way or another with the aforementioned extensions;

Pexels & Unsplash — amazing royalty free photography. I’ve also used Zoommy for a while, but they added to many low quality resources, so … I just stopped using them.

Asana — Asana is a amazing tool for team & task management

Toggl — Toggl is easy and fast time tracking. That’s it, it works.

Extra #2

I’m also using a extension called Momentum, a beautifully designed piece of work that will change your default speed dial with this:

Simple to do list, motivational quote every day, weather.

It might not work for everybody, as for some, a speed dial is more important. But it might work just right for some people :)

And yes, I did actually tweet that

I hope you enjoyed this short article, and found some useful new tools. If you’re interested in learning or finding out some more about any of the tools, leave a comment and let’s talk :)

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