Magic: The Entelechy and the Kith

Magic is the result of the performer imposing his will upon the world. Strong belief and immense power of will can manipulate the strands of reality and bend them to the interest of the magician. In its purest form, magic can only be used by a handful of beings.

The two most common forms of magic are the Entelechy and the Kith. Although both can accomplish similar effects, the source of their power and their limitations differentiate them from one another.


The first man, according to practitioners of the Entelechy (called Thaumaturges) was an extraplanar being known as the Wanderer, comprised of two people: a man and a woman. The pair is said to have survived the end of their world and merged into one entity in order to roam the cosmos searching knowledge.

The Wanderer came across Abrud, who then was only a rock, and used his transcendent power to bring the planet to life by breathing onto it. The first flora and fauna sprung, but they could not live without water, and the Wanderer wept, and his tears became the oceans. They both drank, but would have no peace between themselves, so the Wanderer was sad and night came to be.

When indeed they lived in peace, they would wither without light. It is then the Wanderer realized that nothing can be created without sacrifice; so he tore his partner from himself and made her be the sun.

After this, the Wanderer was tired. He roamed the world he had built and communed with nature; he dwelled on which species to let dominate, but none were as intelligent, or as crafty, or as strong as he wished, and so he created mankind.

The Wanderer tried to teach man, but he could only teach half, for the sun had the rest of his knowledge. And the Wanderer then left the world, and promised to return after having learned more, so he can elevate mankind in accordance with his own transcendence.

Before he left, however, the Wanderer left behind a part of himself. To reach a conclusion, the Entelechy is the apex of the Wanderer’s mental potential. Thaumaturges use the Entelechy as a medium through which they themselves can impose their own will upon the world.

Limited by the intrinsic powers left behind by the Wanderer, thaumaturges can only channel and focus magic as was understood by the half of what he was after the creation of the sun.

Example Spells:

Deluge — the thaumaturge conjures a cloud of rain above several spots on the battlefield.

Mist Walkers — each thaumaturge in your army creates a unit of ghostly warriors

Sound Clap — the thaumaturge produces a loud sound that can only be heard by the enemy; three units closest to the origin of the sound receive damage and are handicapped for the rest of combat

Astral Shield — all friendly units receive two magic resistance for each thaumaturge in the army; if cast during night, the bonus will increase to three each

Frost Tomb — each thaumaturge in your army encases half an enemy squad in ice

Stiffen — each thaumaturge in your army stiffens the muscles of an entire enemy squad; they stop in their tracks for one turn and are fatigued for the rest of the fight


The Kith believe in a different version of the Wanderer myth. They believe that all life came from the first spark of light given by the sun, which created four men and four women. They each lived separately for thousands of years in a barren Abrud and were then morphed into one being who shared their collective knowledge.

Although the rest of the story of creation is similar to the beliefs of the Entelechy, worshippers of the Kith believe that the Wanderer was only an avatar of the divine sun and as such do not consider him a parent figure. Instead, it is believed that after the Wanderer shaped Abrud, the sun absorbed him.

Worshippers of the Kith believe that the sun is a divine entity comprised of their dead ancestors. Some skeptics argue that the Kith is nothing more than a cadet branch of the Entelechy, with its worshippers so fanatical in their belief that their ancestors have become divine that they have, in theory, created a deity from scratch.

The Kith focuses on the Wanderer’s other half; the half which was supposedly turned into the sun.

Example Spells:

Harry — the allegiant summons ancestral spirits to harass the enemy; the entire enemy army loses one defense

Vigil — the allegiant calls on the spirits of two friendly units, increasing defense by one and granting two temporary hit points

Sun Flare — invokes the power of the sun, giving all allies one attack and decreasing enemy defense by one; does not work at night

Bounty Boon — allegiants bless the crops by channeling the energy of the sun; all crop producing buildings receive a bonus

Wither — each allegiant in the army severely dehydrates half an enemy squad; the troops affected wither and die

Fear — each allegiant snuffs the flame of bravery inside his enemies’ hearts; one squad per allegiant has to make a morale check at disadvantage

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