“Wings” of change

Once upon a time I was driving back home, from another day at work, I zoom out of the present and find my self day dreaming about the future. Have I made the right choice ? is what I am doing right for me? What is going to happen tomorrow? You know, one of those days where everything you do is being questioned. I remember the nauseous feeling I had before falling asleep, Everyday, stuck in a routine I hated and all I wanted was a way out. Until one day, I was woken up by a call, it’s the call I was waiting for, the golden call that changed my life.

Because of that, sooner than I could even realize, I was on the plane, singed a contract as a cabin crew and was living in the middle east. I went from spending countless hours in the office to full time world travelling, hopping from one time zone to the other. One day I would be in New York and the day after in Milan, breakfast in Asia dinner in Africa, took a few months to understand what was happening, I am not going to lie. I try to collect stories and picture from my trips and when I go back home, my friends and family gather to listen. They are thrilled and even though they might not be able to travel as much, in a way, it makes them feel as if they did.

My goal is sharing my stories with the travel lovers and try to provide the motivation to the ones who are willing to change their life for something better. To achieve it, I needed the knowledge that I found it in the Digital Marketing Nanodegree (DMND) at Udacity, a course that took me, from zero marketing knowledge to providing me with all the necessary tools for giving my message a voice in the digital world. Until then, my stories were just for the people close to me, however, ever since I started the DMND I have gained the knowledge to reach a much broader audience. On top of equipping you with the ability to convey your message for a personal purpose, the DMND also provides the theoretical and practical expertise to become a professional in the field, and being hired by companies to make it a career, who knows, perhaps for the next change in my life, or yours.

“Nothing is permanent except change”