The tattoo industry most valuable asset

Emanuele Pagani
Mar 17, 2017 · 2 min read

Over the past five years, the Tattoo Artists industry has fared well, driven by many consumers receiving tattoos as they have become less of a taboo.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, an estimated 45 million Americans have a tattoo.
The industry’s traditional clientele has expanded to attract more demographics. For example, invisible ink tattoos and 3D tattoos have fared well over the period, encouraging clients to increasingly view their tattoo as an art form and supporting demand for tattoo artists who provide customized designs.

In addition, population growth among adults aged 30 to 39, which represent a large share of the tattooed population, has provided a boom to the industry. According to Harris Interactive, an estimated 21.0% of adults had at least one tattoo in 2012, an increase from 14.0% of adults in 2008.

Over the next five years industry revenue is forecast to continue growing due to strong demand for tattoos that have intricate designs. Furthermore, the advent of new technologies, particularly related to laser tattoo removal, will enable more individuals to efficiently and comfortably expel their tattoos, thus spurring even more demand for tattoos.

Tattoo collectors are associated with a lifestyle associated with having multiple tattoos. Many seek to cover large portions of their body with tattoos. This group will appreciate the work of specific artists and seek them out again and again. Tattoo collectors will seek custom designs, look down upon standard, simple designs, and become used to the pain or discomfort involved in more intricate projects.

Inkstinct serve both of these key market segments. It create a competitive edge through the cultivation and retention of its most valuable assets — its artists.

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