Recap of Tim Kaine’s Rally at UF

Tim Kaine, the Democratic Party’s nominee for vice president, spoke at the University of Florida on Sunday. According to the Press Secretary for Clinton’s Campaign in North Florida, over 800 people gathered at the North Lawn of the Reitz Union for the rally.

UFPD and the United States Secret Service were stationed all around the Reitz Union as the doors opened. There was a metal detector around the entrance to the rally, and the rest of the Reitz was barricaded with police tape.

The doors opened at 12:30 p.m., the national anthem signified the beginning of the rally.

Kelly Zimmerman and Allahandro Bradford, Alachua County Field Organizers, were first to speak. They spoke about the usefulness of early voting and why college student should take part of it.

Jake Best, president of Gators for Hilary, delivered a speech expressing how excited he would be to have Clinton as president.

After students were finished speaking, several government officials spoke.

Rod Smith, the Democratic Party’s nominee for District 8 Senate was the first to get on stage.

He began his speech with a Gator Chomp and encouraged all in attendance to vote even if they don’t vote for Hilary.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson also began his speech with a Gator Chomp and commended Kaine’s character.

After a few delays, Nelson introduced Kaine to the stage.

He, like his predecessors, began his speech with a Gator Chimp. In his speech, Kaine talked about the civic duty of voting, women’s rights and why Donald Trump is unfit to be president.

Kaine’s rally at the Reitz Union took place to encourage UF students to vote. By tailoring the event to college students, perhaps this rally will help increase student voting.