Over 100,000 Demonstrated in Germany

Photo credit: Herman Caroan (CC BY)

We’ve just made it back from an intensive day among demonstrators in Germany. An incredible amount of people took part: it’s said that over 30,000 marched in Berlin, but that still wasn’t the largest demo. In Munich, according to official figures, up to 50,000 people took to the streets!

This isn’t news in itself, at least not for us in Sweden, so we’ve chosen to look at the day from a different angle. Photographer Herman Caroan is busy compiling photos and videos, and we’ll be back with a more in-depth report. Sunday means a trip to Strasbourg, where the final vote will be held on Tuesday.

Obligatory ‘reporter in the field’ caption? Photo credit: Herman Caroan (CC BY)

This piece is funded by a Kickstarter campaign to monitor the European Parliament’s Copyright Directive proposal during its final stage of voting. Text and images are supplied under CC BY, a license that makes it free to share and redistribute wherever you want, provided you link back here with appropriate credit.

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