The french MEPs are most likely to push the wrong button during EU-votes — and then correct them

Emanuel Karlsten
May 21 · 2 min read

Together with the data journalist collective J++ we have gathered data of all the MEPs votes in the European parliament.

The results show that french member of parliament have the highest percent of corrected votes. Which means the MEPs have first pressed the wrong button during votes, and then corrected them.

In second place comes Sweden followed by Ireland.

The data is collected from a total of 10 049 votes in parliament, during 2014–2019.

Even though MEPs are allowed to correct the votes, they will not change the outcome, but tell the intention of the original vote. This also means that not all MEPs take the time to report that they intended to vote differently.

Sofia Blombäck, professor in political science of the Mittuniversitet in Sweden, says that you can interpret the numbers in different ways. – Either our Swedish MEPs are the most clumpsy or they are they are more metiuculs with correcting than others.

Cecilia Wikström is a Swedish member of parliament and the one with the least amount of corrected votes in Sweden. She believes it is all about being ready for the task.

– I am well prepared, I know this job.

Se the full detail of the data collected, here.

You can read the full story in swedish here

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